We treat the wastewater of 1.2 million people living in the Greater Copenhagen Area at our three treatment plants Lynetten, Avedøre and Damhusåen.

The wastewater is treated for organic and in-organic solids together with nitrogen and phosporous.

The treated wastewater from Lynetten and Damhusåen is discharged into The Sound via two 1.5 km-long pipes leading into the sea. The treated wastewater from Avedøre is discharged into Køge Bay via two 1.1 km-long pipes leading into the sea.

Read more about our utilization of the treated wastewater.

Effluent standards 2020

<strong>Treatment plant</strong> Lynetten Avedøre Damhusåen < or =
<strong>BOD, mg/l</strong> 2,60 2,30 3,20 15,0
<strong>COD, mg/l</strong> 27.00 26.00 29,00 75,00
<strong>N, mg/l</strong> 5,90 4,40 4,50 8,00
<strong>P, mg/l</strong> 0,26 0,75 0,44 1,5